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 Leadership Development

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"Calling All Leaders" Book

&  Keynote Speeches 

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."

                                                 John Quincy Adams

Results That Our Clients Experience Include:

For Leaders –
▪  More clarity about how to leverage their leadership strengths and weaknesses
▪  A clear picture of where their organization should be going and how to get it there
▪  A greater understanding of the 6 essential pieces of the “Employee Productivity Puzzle”
▪  A clear focus on pro-actively working on their business vs. feeling stuck in a re-active mode
▪  Better communication skills that enable them to provide greater motivation for their people

For Teams –
▪  Better teamwork with a higher level of trust and morale
▪  A sense of personal responsibility, accountability, and a can-do attitude
▪  Higher productivity and performance that is measured by results instead of by efforts
▪  An improved appreciation for the importance of providing outstanding service to their customers

Next Level Achievement Provides Consulting, Coaching & Training that helps organizations develop Inspired, Skilled Leadership Teams, and Employee “Dream Teams”, who are committed to the highest level of performance, accountability, teamwork, and customer service.

Our Business Philosophy Is That:

1. A highly skilled leadership team with excellent coaching skills increases the level of employee engagement.

2. A high level of employee engagement leads to high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

3. A high level of customer satisfaction leads to higher company revenue and value.

Next Level Achievement Leadership & Business Development Programs Include:

1. Coaching leaders at all levels to strengthen their leadership and communication skills in order to maximize their personal effectiveness and the performance of their people and organizations.

2. Training teams to become “Dream Teams” by building on their strengths, accepting and valuing their differences, creating a culture of accountability, and by understanding their role in the success of the organization.

3. Speaking to groups through keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops with a goal of inspiring and motivating people to maximize their contributions and performance, both personally and in their careers.