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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."

                                                 John Quincy Adams

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Next Level Achievement (NLA) Workshops For Leadership and Team Building Programs
The following workshops for leadership and team development programs are organized in approximately 2 hour time blocks, but that will be adjusted depending on the needs of each organization and the level of fruitful discussion taking place in each workshop.

The Top 10 Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
In this workshop or series of workshops, I use my lessons and experiences and selected leadership exercises to encourage leaders to consider how they can take their leadership abilities to the next level. 

The Top 3 Traits of Great Leaders – The Beginning Of The Adventure
All leaders face one common challenge. That challenge is the people they lead. This workshop will help leaders at all levels examine the traits of a great leader and how to take their skills to the next level.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), The Secret Ingredient For Developing Great Leadership Skills (2 – 4 hours long)
Studies have found that 80 % of a great leaders’ success is due to their EQ, not their IQ. In this workshop we talk about what EQ is, why it is important, and how you can improve it.

Breaking Through the Communication Barriers (2 to 6 hours long)
Great leadership and teams start with the ability to clearly communicate with the people they lead and/or their team members. We will discuss 8 tips for powerful communications that will help leaders and team members connect with others at a higher level, in both their work and personal lives.

The Art of Having Difficult Conversations                                                                                   
One of the greatest challenges in communications is mastering the art of difficult conversations. The ones that we wish we could conveniently forget to do, but we must initiate. We will look at techniques that will help you to embrace and value these conversations when they are necessary.

Meeting Facilitation Tips (1 hour workshop)

Managing Change In Your Life and In Your Organization
One of the greatest challenges in our life is the part change plays in our personal lives and career. In the world today, change is the one constant we have to continue to embrace in order to adapt and grow in all parts of our lives.

Motivating and Inspiring the Individuals You Lead
In this workshop we will examine the tools and techniques leaders use to help their team members maximize their performance. Tools will include the “Employee Audit” and goal setting processes.

Keys to Building and Supporting Your “Dream Team”   (Together Everyone Achieves More)
In this workshop, we will discuss what factors and behaviors create an effective, efficient team, and how your team can be encouraged to work together to achieve the goals of your organization.

The 7 Steps To 100% Accountability, 100% Of The Time
Would you like to know that you can count on all of your employees or fellow team members to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it? If so, let’s discuss “the language of accountability”, “The Accountability Chain”, and the “7 Step Process” for powerful accountability conversations.

The Art of Coaching and Asking Questions (2 to 8 hours long)
Coaching is truly the art of helping people see and put into action their very best performance. We will look at and practice the various skills, tools, and techniques that great coaches use.

Innovation, Creativity, and Continuous Improvement
This workshop opens up our minds about ways to be more innovative when improving our systems and processes, and solving challenges.

Oh, How I Wish I Had More Time! / Goal Setting
Time management is an ever-growing challenge for all of us. We will share tips, ideas, and systems in this program. Be prepared to share the ideas you use to manage the time bandits in your life.

Standing Strong In the Face of Adversity and Stress
 We provide 6 tips and a number of tools for developing a higher level of resilience you can put to work today to effectively manage the stress in all parts of your life.

.Leadership Development

Leadership Development Services offered by Next Level Achievement include:

Executive Coaching – An individual program to support a leader’s desire to take their leadership skills to the next level. As an executive coach, I act as a confidential sounding board for new ideas and help the leader develop a plan for building on their leadership strengths, while also addressing any skills that may be holding them back from maximizing their effectiveness as a leader.

Leadership 360° Assessments – A 360° Leadership Assessment is a tool that provides feedback to a leader about their leadership skills as seen through the eyes of the people around them. The benefit is that it gives them the gift of seeing how effective they truly are when leading others, by seeing how their assessor’s perceptions line up with their own self-perception.

All of our 360° Leadership Assessments are custom designed for each leader and are developed to measure the following leadership skills: Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Motivating individuals and teams, Making decisions, Building a team, Problem solving, Managing conflict, and Coaching.

After all of the data is collected and a report developed from that data, a delivery appointment will be used to discuss what strengths should continue to be supported, and what challenges need improvement. A personal leadership development plan can then be developed that has executive coaching, leadership tools, and action steps provided to help the leader reach an even higher level of leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Development With Leadership Teams

An effective leadership team uses three tools to help their employees maximize their performance.

First, they are highly skilled leaders who are good communicators.
Second, they all deliver the same vision and messages to the entire team.
And third, they use coaching to motivate and inspire their people.

All of these skills can be taught to your leadership team. Next Level Achievement has over 40 hours of workshops available for working with your leadership team, as well as individual leadership coaching for those leaders who can benefit from it.

Workshops and descriptions are shown at the bottom of this page.

The “Dream Team” Program

If you could create your own “Dream Team”, what would it look like? How would your people act, communicate, and perform? How would you go about creating your “Dream Team”?

An organization’s culture is the personality of the organization, and is shaped by it’s leadership, it’s shared values and beliefs, and it’s mission and vision. It determines how the people will act, make decisions, and solve problems.Signs of a “healthy” organizational culture are:
1. A clear, written, and regularly communicated organizational vision, mission, and values that inspires people into action
2. High morale and being considered to be a top employer of choice
3. A sense of personal responsibility and accountability with a can-do attitude, a desire to be pro-active versus re-active, and a habit of looking for “what’s right’ versus ‘what’s wrong’
4. Great teamwork with people looking for ways to help their team members
5. A feeling of empowerment and an attitude of being able to be creative and to learn from mistakes, in order to invent new ways of doing things.
6. Trust at all levels, built on an attitude of integrity, clear communications, and an appreciation for the value of coaching employees, versus directing them.

Next Level Achievement uses a proven approach that helps leaders create high performing teams and organizations that exhibit the characteristics shown above. Our custom designed, interactive programs can range from a one-hour workshop to a multi-day program that begins by using our “Employee Happiness Survey” to discover the roadblocks that may be standing in the way of your organization creating a powerful culture. Workshops and their descriptions are shown at the bottom of this page.
Each program begins by looking at how every member of the organization can recognize the importance of the leadership roles they play in their career and personal life. We also look at the part that communication skills, attitude, and behavior play in creating high performance teams who truly enjoy working together. Our goal is to help you create stronger, happier, more productive teams. Teams that will build on their strengths, accept their differences, and have a better understanding of their role in the success of your organization. All of which leads to more productivity.

“Mastering the Art of Coaching Your Employees” Workshop

Do you ever find it frustrating when trying to get people to perform at a higher level than they currently are? If so, I guarantee you that this workshop will prove to be an excellent investment of your time and money.

Workshop Introduction & Overview:
Ray Smith, CEO of Bell Atlantic said; “To create a high performance team, we must replace typical management activities like supervision, checking, monitoring, and controlling, with new behaviors like coaching and communicating.”

Coaching at its core is the ability to tap into the ultimate capacity of each person. It is the art of asking insightful questions that help people stretch to reach their potential and it is truly a gift to the person being coached. In this workshop you will discover ways for you to use coaching tools, techniques, and tips that have proven to be most effective for leaders to maximize the professional growth and production of their people.

 In This Workshop You Will:
- Discuss the communication skills necessary to be a master at coaching
- Determine the difference between motivating and inspiring people
- Clearly define what coaching is and discover the tools used for effective coaching
- Gain a better understanding of the power of asking insightful questions
- Learn how to use the “Leadership Employee Overview” sheet
- Look at how to use goal setting as a positive reinforcement

 Who Should Attend:
Small & mid-size business owners, corporate & non-profit leaders, supervisors & managers, and rising leaders who are building their skills to prepare for promotions, This workshop has been designed to help leaders of all types and at all leadership levels to develop and/or build on their coaching skills. If you have any questions about how this would fit with your current level of leadership experience, please contact me.

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